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Quality, professional event photography

Big Event Photography (formerly known as Big Mark Photography) is a specialist event photography company based in Wellington New Zealand, but available to work nationwide.

We specialise in conferences and corporate events, but our team also cover all manner of events including graduations, community events, birthday parties, balls, sports tournaments, trade shows, press conferences and exhibitions.

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(Photo credits for this page: Big Mark, Abbie Dorrington, Elias Rodriquez, Gavin Mitchell, Chloe Burns-Candy)

Conferences and Corporate Events

Photographing conferences and events are our specialty.

Big Mark has over 15 years experience in the conference industry, working at venues all over New Zealand including Parliament, Te Papa, WestpacTrust Stadium and Sky City Conference Centre.  He’s taken that knowledge and created an efficient workflow that can deliver your images on time, on budget in a way that is easy to share.  And he has passed his many years of experience onto the Big Event Team.

Our crew are professional, dressed for the occasion and pay attention to the details (making sure we get plenty of photos of your keynote speakers and people interacting with your sponsors) without loosing site of the bigger picture.


We can cover graduations of any size or scope, and we can “personalise” our services to suit the needs of your school.

For one client we set up a large family photo-booth and we take family photos after the ceremony.

For another: we set up a portrait station just off-stage and we capture portraits of every student as they walk off stage.

We had four photographers and a gaffer at our last graduation covering everything from the parade to the after-ceremony, and we took photos of 400 graduating students.  Images were available for students to review online withing 48 hours and they were able to order an extensive range of print products from Queensberry, our print supplier.

 Public Events

Large-scale public events are often the result of months, if not years of hard work, and it is our job as photographers to make sure we capture the flavour and the atmosphere of the event.

One of the largest events we cover every year is the Wellington Dragon Boat Festival.  With just under 3000 paddlers on the water and many more spectators cheering them on, the event is a highlight of the calendar year.  Big Event Photography provide total coverage of the entire event, including the warm-up sessions, the Dragon Boat Fun Day and the two days of the festival.

Sports Tournaments/Dance Shows

Hosting a sports tournament?  A dance competition?

The Big Event Photography team have a range of flexible options if you need a photographer or a team of photographers to cover your events.  We can capture action shots, photos of the teams and even individual photos of players/dancers at our portrait photo-stations.

Formal Balls

The formal ball is your opportunity to dress to impress and to party your heart out and the Big Event team will be there to capture the highlights from the evening.

We can set up photo stations to capture your guests when they arrive and have roving photographers to capture the magic on the dancefloor.


With the addition of Jordan to our freelance team we can now offer videography services.  For more information please contact us directly for a quote.

…and any other type of event you can think of!

Community events?  Birthday parties?  Press conferences?  Product launch?

Golf tournaments?  Networking events?  Trade shows?

Circus performances?  Incentives?  AGM’s?

We can cover any event: from the BIG to the intimate.

Recent events

  • Nursery and Garden Industry Conference
  • VUWLSS Law Ball
  • David Greer Showcase
  • Sina’s 21st Birthday Party
  • A Winter’ RAW Circus
  • Forest and Bird Awards Dinner
  • Certified Builders National Conference
  • The Laughing Samoans-Island Time show
  • Pasifika Business Awards
  • Weltec Graduation
  • Clubs NZ Conference
  • Te Rito Maioha Wellington Graduation
  • Wellington Dragon Boat Festival
  • Blue Bearded Lady
  • The Great Wellington Hunt
  • Justine and Billy: event
  • Clubs NZ Conference
  • Business Events Wellington Showcase
  • Social Innovation
  • Dusky Productions Book Launch
  • The Biggest Little Circus
  • Core Logic
  • Zoetis Conference
  • STRATUS Forum
  • Chapman Tripp Dinner
  • PriceWaterhouse Coopers Gala Dinner

The Big Event Photography Crew

Out of all the photography disciplines event photography is one of the hardest to master.  You need to know how your equipment works, be able to capture images in dark rooms and rooms with constantly changing lighting, be alert at all times, and be a person that can relate and get along with everyone.

So everything starts with our photography crew.  Our freelance Big Event Photography crew are all personally vetted by Big Mark, who looks for the right “attitude”, relevant experience and the ability to handle pressure first before they are tested on their ability with the camera and their general photography knowledge.

Big Mark

Photography Mentor

Owner of the Big Mark Creative Group and mentor to the Big Event team. With 15 years in the conference/event industry and 5 years as a professional photographer, Big Mark spends a lot of his time passing on his experience to the rest of the Big Event crew.

Abbie D


Abbie has been with the Big Event Photography team since 2015. Abbie has a strong eye for composition and an excellent all-around photographer. She has the Certificate in Practical Photography.

Kate Griffith


Kate has been with Big Event Photography since the beginning. Semi-retired from photography: she still answers ``Big Mark's`` phone calls and can be seen photographing some of the bigger events.



Masanori owns his own photography company (see the link below) but also free-lances for the Big Event Team. He is very professional, great with people and an outstanding event photographer.

Elias R


Born in Chile and raised in Otago, Elias completed his Degree in Photography here in Wellington and now calls the capital city his home. Photography is Elias's passion: when he not only freelances for the Big Event team, he runs his own business and also assists local photographer Mark Tantrum.

Chloe R

Junior Photographer/Graphic Designer

Chloe not only is on the team as one of our photographers but she also takes care of the Big Creative Groups graphic design. You can check out her work at the link below.

Abbie P

Junior Photographer

Abbie is a very talented young photographer with a very creative vision and an eye for detail. Abbie joined the Big Event team in 2015.

Jordan B


With a Bachelor Degree in ``Arts and Science of Digital Filmmaking and Special FX`` from the University of Rome, Jordan worked many years as Video Editor an Lighting Cameraman for the famous WEB Portal AutoBlog He attended the NZ Film & Television School and graduating with Merit PASS.

Taylor D


Back in 2012 Taylor started to chat to Big Mark while he was covering the Island Bay Festival, and has been with the team ever since. Taylor is our on-location lighting boss.

Big Al


Big Al has been part of the team since day 1. He helped start Big Mark Photography and has been a big part of the transition to the Big Mark Creative Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Big Mark Photography?

Big Mark is still here!

In mid 2016 Big Mark had a bit of a bad run with his health.  You can read more about it here.  To maintain the integrity of the event photography business and to allow him time to step back and look after his health Big Mark started the Big Mark Creative Group and in turn Big Event Photography.

Are you GST registered?

Yes we are.  Our GST number is 50-566-269.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes we do.  We have broadform liability insurance with AMP Business insurance and the policy is availability on request.  We are insured to the value of $1,000,000.

What are your payment terms?

Accounts are normally due for payment on the 20th of the month following the receipt of invoice.

What are your terms and conditions?

Big Event Photography use industry standard Terms and Conditions, written by the law firm Clendons in consultation with the photography industry body the AIPA.  A copy of the terms and conditions can be read here:


Are you available outside of Wellington?

The Big Event team is available throughout the Wellington region, including Upper Hutt and Porirua.  But our team are available to travel nationwide: you will need to organise and cover all reasonable travel expenses and accommodation if required.

Who will be shooting my event?

Event photography work in New Zealand can be quite seasonal, so most of the Big Mark team have “day jobs” and freelance for Big Event Photography as work becomes available.  In order to become a Big Event Photographer they need to go through the following process:

  • They need to read, understand and agree to the Big Event Photography code of conduct
  • They need to read, understand and agree to the Big Event Photography health and safety guidelines
  • Have their portfolio reviewed and vetted personally by Big Mark:  a certain technical and aesthetic standard must be reached
  • Display confidence, strong customer service skills, and be a genuinely good person
  • Display an above average understanding of their camera, their lenses and their camera flash, and how they work
  • Have an above average understanding of light, exposure, and the basic principles of photography
  • Own professional level gear and back up equipment
  • Are experienced event photographers

All of our Primary Photographers are experienced event photographers who have photographed a range of different types of events.  Our Junior Photographers are less experienced: but will only ever work in partnership with a Primary Photographer.

You will be introduced to your photographer(s) prior to your event.

Are you looking for photographers?

We are always looking for people to join our crew.  If you are interested have a read of the previous question and if you think you tick most of those boxes then contact Big Mark directly for more information.

Tell me about usage rights

Image usage rights and licences can be quite complicated things to understand, but we try and make it as simple to understand as possible.

The copyright of the images (as per the standard terms and conditions) belong to the original photographer.  The original photographer licences the images to Big Event Photography who in turn licences the images to you.

The licence is as flexible as you can get.  Here it is:

“Images are licensed to you and your organisation, worldwide in all territories, in perpetuity, for any usage.”

Thats it.  You are free to do use the images as you like, anywhere in the world.  You don’t have to come back to us to ask us permission to use an image on a billboard, on your website or in an advertisement.  You can edit them and crop them if you wish.

It is our intention to make things as easy for you as possible whilst still respecting the rights of the original photographer.  The licence grants you practically all the benefits of copyright ownership.  But on occasion you might have a need to “buy out” the copyright: in which case let us know in advance of your event so we can come to an arrangement.

How do we get the images?

Once we finish editing the images they are uploaded to our archives at the website photoshelter.  Once they are all online you will be sent an email with a link to the gallery and a password so you can access the gallery.  You are free to share the link and the password with anyone in your organization.  If you need to send an image to your print company or web designer simply forward them the link and password.

We can send you a USB stick with your images as well for an additional $30.00 per 16GB.  (Free delivery within NZ)

Are the images edited?

All the images are given an “editorial” edit: first they are “culled” and any images that are not quite up to our standards or obvious duplicates are removed.  Images are then colour corrected, brightness and contrast adjusted, and sharpening-denoising added where required.  Big Mark edits all the images to ensure consistency from one image to the next.

If you need more extensive editing (for example merging photos, head swaps, etc,) then let us know.  Additional editing is available at $80.00 + GST per hour.

What resolution are the photos? What format do you deliver the images in?

Images are delivered in full resolution (5600 pixels on the long side), unwatermarked in JPEG format, colour space sRGB, 300 DPI.  These files are print ready and suitable for almost any particular usage.  If you need smaller files (for example for uploading to the web) then you can download them in smaller resolution as required.

For certain projects you may need a different file type or size which in most cases we should be able to help you out.

What is the image turnaround time?

For conferences and corporate events we present a highlights gallery (10-15 key images from the days events) at the end of each day (or very early the next morning) of the event.  The rest of the images are available within 48 hours of the end of day of the event.

For all other events images are normally available within 2 and 5 working days depending on the nature of the event.  If you have special requirements then please let us know at the time of booking.

We offer “accelerated editing” services: we can provide the images within an hour of capture for an additional cost.

While your photographer are here, can they take headshots of our leadership team?

Well…….not really.

Taking ad-hoc portraits is something our event photographers are used to: and they can be very creative when called upon.

But taking professional headshots is a very different thing.  Our event team are focused on capturing your event: on making sure they are in the right place at the right time to capture the keynote speaker while causing the minimum of disruption to other guests.  And while they can take the headshots of your team if absolutely required: they often have to take them during extraordinary circumstances which aren’t conducive to taking the best portrait.  It often happens during lunch or a short break, your guests don’t feel at their best for a portrait and are tired and messy and we often end up with portraits that are disappointing.

Our solution to this is simple: if you need professional headshots of people attending the conference then we can provide professional headshot services. Big Portraits are our headshot team: we can set up on location, provide hair and make up touch ups, and we can set up and shoot at a convenient time for you.  We have special event rates: just enquire at the time of booking.

Do you back up your images?

Images from our event are backed up immediately on return to the office: images get backed up to two external hard drives (one of the drives gets stored in a fire proof cabinet every night) and overnight images are uploaded to our secure “cold storage” backblaze.  Once editing has finished a copy of the edited files are uploaded to our main archives on the photoshelter website.

How long do image stay on your website? Do they get taken down after a certain amount of time?

Your gallery will remain online as long as we stay in business: so hopefully for a very long time.  🙂  Sometimes we do a bit of “housekeeping” with the website and the URL to your gallery may change: but your images will remain online so if you can’t find your images just contact us and we will send you a new link.

As a precaution in case the website goes down for any reason, we advise everyone to download all of your images in full resolution at the earliest opportunity and then to securely back them up to at least two different places.

For more information:  Click here to talk to Big Mark