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"Covering events is the ultimate test of a photographer. You only get one opportunity to get the shot. You need to shoot in all sorts of different lighting and environmental conditions, you are always pushing yourself and your gear to the limits.

So we start with finding the right people. Big Event Photographers are problem solvers. They are polite, friendly and professional. They understand the technical limitations of their equipment and can pull off miracles. And our team commits to using all of their skills when covering your event, working to both meet, and exceed your expectations."

Mark Fa'amaoni
Owner Big Event Photography

“Capturing moments that matter.”

Do you need professional, quality event coverage of your next event?

We are a diverse group of experienced event photographers based in the Wellington region but available nationwide.

We are dedicated to delivering to the highest standards of our industry, providing comprehensive coverage, outstanding customer service, delivering your images on time and budget.

(Photo credits for this page: Big Mark, Masanori Udagawa, Abbie Dorrington, Elias Rodriquez, Gavin Mitchell, Chloe Burns-Candy)

Over the last six years we have covered:

  •  Conferences
  • Corporate events
  • Public events and festival
  • Formal balls
  • Graduations
  • Trade shows
  • Gala dinners and cocktail parties
  • Sports tournaments and dance shows
  • The circus
  • Bar mitzvah
  • Birthday parties
  • Fashion shows

Before your event.

We start by getting accurate and detailed information from you about your event, including schedules, background information, and a specific shot-list.

We then select the right photographers to cover your event, making sure we match their unique set of skills with what your event demands.    We give our photographers a comprehensive briefing before the event based on both the information you provide, and our experience covering similar events.

The day of your event.

On the day of your event our team will arrive at least 20 minutes before they are due to start shooting, wearing attire appropriate to your event.  Our photographers use pro-level camera equipment (including a variety of lenses, flashes and camera bodies) and will always have back-up gear at hand.

Our team will be discreet during speeches, presentations, or anytime the situation demands it.  But they will also take charge if need be: whether it be wrangling the crowds for a group shot or organising individuals for impromptu portraits.  With both great photography and customer service skills our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team will  capture the moments that matter during your event.

After your event.

We back up to two separate hard drives, and keeper images are uploaded to our secure off-site backup.  To ensure consistency from image-to-image all the editing is done by the same person (normally Big Mark).  Images are first culled (out-of-focus and mis-fires shots are removed), then bulk-adjusted with our “secret sauce” of brightness and contrast adjustments.  Then every image is checked: adjusted to the correct exposure, white balance corrected, and cropped/leveled if appropriate.

Our processes allow us to have your images available (in most instances) within 48 hours.  We upload the images to a private gallery unwatermarked in full resolution.

What sets us apart…

Mark Fa’amaoni (AKA Big Mark) is a veteran of the conference and events industry, with over 15 years working in different roles  at venues all over New Zealand.  So when he started to work as a professional photographer it was only natural that he focused on covering conferences and events.  As the business got busier, Big Mark sought out other photographers that shared his commitment to the highest standards of the industry, and together these photographers form the core of Big Event Photography.  To maintain those standards, we do a number of things:

  • We’ve put in place quality standards, expectations and metrics that, along with a photo critique, are reviewed after every event
  • We are constantly upskilling our team.  Our experienced photographers mentor our newer photographers and we hold training sessions as required.

A commitment to diversity.

New Zealand society is made up of a diverse spectrum of many different peoples, and we consider it important that our organisation represents the world that we live in.  Big Event Photography is committed to being a diverse multi-cultural workplace that is inclusive of all people of all races, cultures, sexual orientation, national origin and genders.

Meet Our Team

Mark Fa'amaoni

Owner, Photographer Co-ordinator

Mark ``Big Mark`` Fa'amaoni started working in the conference and events industry in 1996, working at venues like Sky City, Te Papa, the Hermitage Hotel and WestpacTrust Stadium. When he started Big Event Photography he continued to work closely with contacts in the events sector, developing a range of photographic services for organisers in the events industry. Big Mark is your first point of contact, he organises and briefs the photography team, and does all the editing.

Masanori Udagawa


Event photography is in Masanori's blood. He is a regular on the sporting sidelines, often covering the All-Blacks, the Hurricanes, and the Wellington Pulse. Masanori has an eye for detail, a strong technical understanding of photography, and is fantastic working with people.

Abbie Dorrington


Abbie has been with the Big Event Photography team since 2015. Abbie has a strong eye for composition and an excellent all-around photographer. She studied at the Photoschool briefly and has the Certificate in Practical Photography.

Kathryn Armitage


Kathryn is a talented, well organised event photographer with a wide range of photographic interests, including portraits, landscapes, and of course events. She balances her busy life with part-time study at Photoschool, where she is working towards her Diploma in Photography.

Taylor Darroch

Operations and Logistics

Taylor has been working with Big Mark since 2011, and he knows the operation ``inside and out.`` Taylor specialises in keeping things together, and is our on-location ``lighting boss.``

Chloe-Burns Candy

Graphic Designer

Chloe joined the Big Event Team as a photographer in 2014, but since her recent move back to Nelson she continues to work with us as our graphic designer.
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