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Hello World!

My name is Mark Fa’amaoni, but you can call me Big Mark.

Welcome to More Adventures of Big Mark: AKA as my blog.  There was a blog here before this one: but a few days ago I pushed a button behind the scenes that I really really shouldn’t have pushed and I accidentally nuked my site.  🙂  And while my site was backed up and I could have restored it very quickly: I took it as a sign that my website needed an overhaul, so I took the opportunity to start the site from scratch.

So this is a quick post to talk about what I’ve been up to for the last month.  January is always traditionally a quiet month for me: so I take the opportunity to not do very much.  This was me for most of the last 30 days:

(Photo by Olga Palmer.)

Just before Christmas we did the first photoshoot for my new photo project “Framed.”  Models Olga, Pete and Louie courtesy Voda Model Management, assisted by Sarah and Krystal.  Just getting close to finishing editing this set…at one stage we were photobombed by a group of Phoenix fans, it was a great shoot!

I went to the circus!  RAW Circus by the Wellington Circus Trust.

I was invited along to a group photoshoot by Donna from Voda Model Management, hosted by David Whitham and styled by Zorro Potion.  I wasn’t 100% healthy that day so I didn’t follow everyone around, but just set up camp in one spot and took my shots there.  Models Nikita, Brittany, Hana and Jess, hair and make up  Matty Judd and Kristy Laing.

Had Christmas at home with family.

Whirlwind trip to Auckland.  Stayed with my good friends Kelly and Andrea.  Popped in as always to see the ASB Classic.  Caught Venus Williams having a bit of a dance.  Even though she got eliminated in the first round, she is still my favourite player on the circuit and still the most awesome player I’ve ever seen live.

My mate Kelly then asked me to take a few photos at the Redwood Park Golf Club.  We went for a spin all morning on a golf cart, most fun I’ve had in ages.

And finally, went on a photowalk with some members of my crew, Abbie D and Sarah.  Took this photo of swirly water.

That has been my summer so far.  And with 2016 already starting to get busy I look forward to many more adventures to come.

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