Big Mark & Co began in 2011 as “Big Mark Photography”, a photography company, helmed by Mark “Big Mark” Fa’amaoni that originally focused on conference and event photography.  Over the years Big Mark started to form a team of content creators and creatives, and the business started to do a bit more than just photography, so in 2018 he decided it was time to change the name.

Big Mark is the Showrunner for Big Mark & Co.  Showrunner is a term taken from the television industry that describes the person that has the “creative authority and management” of a television show.  And as Showrunner for Big Mark & Co Big Mark is the lead storyteller, he sets both the creative tone and direction for the company.

Co stands for “company”, or “coworkers” or the people that make up the crew.  The crew are the heart and soul of Big Mark & Co, they work to the direction of the Showrunner, but each individual bring’s their own creative spark to the table.

The Crew

Big Mark


Abbie Dorrington

Lead Content Photographer

Masanori Udagawa

Lead Event Photographer

Nikita Decruy


Taylor Darroch