“Covering events is the ultimate test of a photographer. You only get one opportunity to get the shot. You need to shoot in all sorts of different lighting and environmental conditions, you are always pushing yourself and your gear to the limits.

So we start with finding the right people. Big Event Photographers are problem solvers. They are polite, friendly and professional. They understand the technical limitations of their equipment and can pull off miracles. And our team commits to using all of their skills when covering your event, working to both meet, and exceed your expectations.”

Mark Fa'amaoni
Owner, Big Event Photography

About Big Event Photography

We are a diverse group of experienced event photographers based in the Wellington region but available nationwide.

Our team are dedicated to delivering to the highest standards of our industry, providing comprehensive coverage, outstanding customer service, delivering your images on time and budget.

We have covered:

• Conferences
• Corporate events
• Public events and festival
• Formal balls
• Graduations
• Trade shows
• Gala dinners and cocktail parties
• Sports tournaments and dance shows
• The circus
• Bar mitzvah
• Birthday parties

Our Processes

Mark Fa’amaoni (AKA Big Mark) is a veteran of the conference and events industry, with over 15 years working in different roles at venues all over New Zealand.

To maintain our standards, we do a number of things: We’ve put in place quality standards, expectations and metrics that, along with a photo critique, are reviewed after every event. We are constantly upskilling our team. Our experienced photographers mentor our newer photographers and we hold training sessions as required.

Our team are dedicated to delivering to the highest standards of our industry, providing comprehensive coverage, outstanding customer service.


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Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we find our images?

When we finish editing your images we upload them to a private gallery here.   The link and password are sent to the organizer of the event, so if you either can’t find the gallery or you need a password in the first instance contact the organizer of the event.

When is payment due?

Accounts are due for payment on the 20th of the month following the reciept of the invoice.

How are the images edited?

As standard we deliver your images in the following format:

JPEG files, 5600 pixels on the long side, unwatermarked, colour space sRGB, at 300 DPI.  At this resolution the images are effectively “print-ready” in most circumstances.  If you need lower resolution images you can select different resolutions when downloading from your private gallery.

We can provide the images in other formats (for example TIFF’s, or in RAW) but depending on your requirements this may incur additional costs.

Images are sharpened, with basic brightness and contrast adjustments, and if appropriate, cropped.

If you require additional editing to your images we can do that at additional cost, usually $60.00 + GST per hour.

How long does it take to get the final images?

We have the images within 48 hours of the event (from the last photo of the day.)  We will also send you a selection of between 10 and 30 key images from the day within a few hours of the end of day of the event.

(For a few select major events delivery of images may take a bit longer: this will be discussed at the initial consultation.)

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes we do.  We have 1 million dollars public liability insurance with AMP Business Insurance.

Are you GST registered?

Yes we are.  Our GST number is 50-566-269.

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