“Please Call” by Ashleigh Evans


I was introduced to Ashleigh Evans through our mutual friend Donna from Voda Management, and we had our first face-to-face meeting with Ashleigh at the McCafe in Porirua.  She explained the meaning of her song “Please Call”.  Along with Kathryn Armitage we began mapping out the story for the music video that would eventually become the first video production for Big Mark & Co.

So with notes in hand I went home and finally listened to the song.

And my reaction was “Oh my goodness!”. 

“Please Call” an incredible song that may (or may not) tell a story that is true to life, with soaring powerful vocals and a haunting melodic beat.  I fell in love with it immediately.

And the song stuck with me.  It became the most perfect of earworms, playing constantly in my head while I drove my car, ate my breakfast, or simply walked down the street.   

And when you have a listen, it will stick with you as well.  “Please Call” is simply amazing.

“Please Call” By Ashleigh Evans

The official music video.

Behind the scenes: the fight

AKA Matty leaves something behind.

Behind the scenes: Director Kathryn’s solo

Kathryn shows us her singing skills


Song by Ashleigh Evans

Produced by David Atai

Filmed and directed by Kathryn Armitage

Assisted by Sarah Maree Crossman

Featuring Ashleigh Evans and Matty Judd

Hair and Make up Matty Judd

With thanks to Inga from Recidivist, Upper Cuba Street for the location

Talent and creative courtesy Donna at Voda Managment